A division of A&A Digital Services, Human Traffic was founded in June 2011 by Amy McCormack. Now in 2014 with feet on the ground in both major media markets – Sydney and Melbourne and continuing to grow strongly each year, we are considered the largest support services group in Australia.

However you as a client touch the digital advertising world, our experienced team combined with our comprehensive suite of services and vast systems knowledge helps you navigate a complex digital advertising world.


Amy McCormack – Founder & Managing Director

amy mccormack - founder and managing director
Over the last 18 years Amy has developed her expertise working within the media sales divisions of leading media owner establishments such as Fairfax and ninemsn, starting her career in ad operations and working her way across to sales, and then to business development, product management, commercialisation and strategy.
With this ‘end to end’ experience she has gained an amazing depth of knowledge and understands instinctively how decisions will impact further down the line, making her advice pretty spot on! She is also considered one of the most experienced in market when it comes ad pricing and yield.
Amy founded Human Traffic and A&A as a start up with herself and one other employee in 2011. Today, 4 years down the road with 10 employees and continuing to grow, we are the largest and most experienced local media operations support group in Australia.


As our team and the market evolve, we are continuing to grow our service levels and skillsets to have dedicated teams covering buy-side and trading desk operations, sell-side systems and ad operations, as well as trainers and a dedicated platforms implementation expert. We are continually learning new skills and expanding our services to cover whatever the newest digital product is, and maintaining our position as the most highly skilled ad operations team in the country.